a tourist destination.

Located on the banks of Magdalena river, also known as "Curramba la Bella", birthplace of the country's first airport and Colombia's gateway to modernity, growth and development. Home to incredible poets, artists, composers and authors who have found their inspiration in Barranquilla's people, the parties and of course, the Barranquilla carnival.

People in Barranquilla live their lifes like an authentic carnival, and this is thanks to the wide range of recreational and cultural activities that “La Puerta de Oro”, which stands for “The Golden Gate”, has to offer.

Learn about its history, culture and art at 'Museo del Caribe' or at 'Museo de Arte Moderno'. City of Immigrants and open borders, that with the perfect blend of cultures, rythms, gastronomy and traditions make everyone who visit Barranquilla want to stay forever, or at least make them want to come back.

With a brilliant future, Barranquilla is a bilingual, multicultural, biodiverse and prosperous city. Soon, you will discover its new attractions such as 'parque de la Cienaga de Mallorquín', the beach at 'Puerto Mocho' and the restoration of 'el barrio Las Flores' and 'corregimiento La Playa'.

Barranquilla has it all, the ideal city to make business and experience live shows with world-class artists.

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