Arena del Río Arrives in Colombia and Latin America

BARRANQUILLA, Colombia, Nov. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ARENA DEL RIO, the first fully-integrated entertainment development in Latin America, arrives in Barranquilla, Colombia, placing Barranquilla among the world’s greatest creative and cultural destinations. This multifaceted urban complex will make the Caribbean coast a meeting point for national and international tourism, as well as provide a unique opportunity for domestic and foreign investment.

UMUSIC Hotels (a joint venture between Universal Music Group, a world leader in music, and Dakia U-Ventures, an entertainment impact investment group), and Two Ways Stadium who contracted AECOM, will bring their respective expertise to make ARENA DEL RIO a world destination for the best in music, sports, arts, business, cinema, gastronomy, and all-new creative formats. Operating 365 days a year, ARENA DEL RIO will highlight Colombia as a key driver of cultural and media development and propel Barranquilla and the region into the world’s spotlight.

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