ARENA DEL RIO Arrives in Colombia and Latin America

The unprecedented and innovative entertainment development will be powered by Two Way Stadiums and UMUSIC Hotels

BARRANQUILLA, Colombia, Nov. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ARENA DEL RIO, the first fully-integrated entertainment development in Latin America, arrives in Barranquilla, Colombia, placing Barranquilla among the world’s greatest creative and cultural destinations. This multifaceted urban complex will make the Caribbean coast a meeting point for national and international tourism, as well as provide a unique opportunity for domestic and foreign investment.

UMUSIC Hotels (a joint venture between Universal Music Group, a world leader in music, and Dakia U-Ventures, an entertainment impact investment group), and Two Ways Stadium who contracted AECOM, will bring their respective expertise to make ARENA DEL RIO a world destination for the best in music, sports, arts, business, cinema, gastronomy, and all-new creative formats. Operating 365 days a year, ARENA DEL RIO will highlight Colombia as a key driver of cultural and media development and propel Barranquilla and the region into the world’s spotlight.

The innovative complex will consist of a multifunctional stadium with a 50,000 guest capacity, retractable mobile lawn, a luxury 500 room hotel integrated into the stadium, 3 auditoriums, and a club. Additional complex attractions will include both a music and sports museum, a virtual reality park, 350 suites, 100 apartments, 120 offices, 100 commercial premises to operate, bars, clubs, restaurants, and a 4-port marina.

AECOM will bring its leading engineering expertise in smart city design and track record in building the world’s most technological and innovative stadiums to ARENA DEL RIO.

Led by Two Way Stadiums, which includes former major league baseball player Edgar Renteria, ARENA DEL RIO is comprised of Colombian and foreign private capital. Edgar Renteria is at the helm of investors who believe Barranquilla is the ideal city to build a hub for the creation of audiovisual content, music, and sports that will be experienced by fans all over the world.

UMUSIC Hotels, a new global collection of experimental music-based hotel properties embodying each location’s unique spirit, will be part of the creative district. UMUSIC hotels will be inspired by Colombia’s culture and serve as creative centers in communities, promoting social change through education and innovation through the power of music. Guests will discover the soul of each city through its local musical heritage.

Robert Lavia, Chairman of Dakia U-Ventures LLC., said: “Every destination holds a great history just waiting to be told through cultural and music heritage. Through this new concept, we will both help people discover new ways to channel their love of music and the arts and help empower communities worldwide through cultural, inspiring, creative, and conscious collaboration. And we are thrilled to work together with Universal Music Group, who shares our vision and passion about the powerful role of culture and music in every community we touch.”

Being a project conceived under the trend of interconnected content, based on main activities of the Orange Economy, such as the cultural industries, art and heritage, Colombia’s President Ivan Duque Márquez, and his team under the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Sports and iNNpulsa have joined efforts to make this great dream a reality for the country.

Located in the Gran Malecón, a premium site by the sea, the Magdalena River and serviced by three international airports, this project will have an investment impact on the area of USD 1.25 billion. ARENA DEL RIO will generate 9,000 direct jobs.

According to estimates by the Minnistry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, by 2030, the Golden Gate of Colombia will have more than one million visitors. Without a doubt this urban district of innovation and creativity will become an important component to energize the city, region and the country’s economy.

Close to everything, and everyone, the Golden Gate of Colombia, the city that has hosted thousands of immigrants, is home to the famous Barranquilla Carnival, masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, home of Colombia’s National Soccer Team welcomes everyone to the future.

The world calls us to move and look forward. The dream of many is to continue building together a future based on opportunities. Be a part of it.


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